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We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated. —Maya Angelou

Compassion  .  Recovery  .  Discovery

Therapy is a process and a partnership, which requires trust, safety, and compassion. The clients who I meet often come to see me because they have been hurt or traumatized in some way, or have had a significant or traumatic loss.   


It takes courage to meet with someone to share your story and your struggles, but it can also be an immense relief to be met with kindness and acceptance, and begin the process of healing and change. 

For me, compassion, recovery and discovery describe the journey that we can take together in therapy.



Exploring your life, from a place of compassion and self-compassion makes it easier to look deeply at painful experiences, recognize difficult thoughts and feelings, let go of shame and self-blame, gain understanding and foster kindness towards yourself.  



Recovery begins by recognizing the difficulties, pain and losses, that have impacted your life, your identity, your hopes and dreams. Together we will collaborate on your journey of exploration to recognize, rebuild, take back, or build life anew, with your values and hopes leading the way. 



Through the therapy process, you can integrate difficult experiences, affirm your resilience and resistance, make positive choices for healing and health, shed old habits and unhealthy relationships, and discover the wisdom you already possess to cultivate the life you want for yourself. 

I look forward to connecting to find out how I can help. Learn more about the services I offer:

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